How is the foundation of lighting?

The foundations of lighting supports are quite peculiar designs, which should be built according to all the requirements of SNiP in combination with a design plan agreed with many authorities. The thing is that the supports for lighting are usually installed on highways, as well as in parks, so their safety plays great importance.

The foundation for lighting supports should be as reliable as possible, since the supports themselves, as a rule, have a fairly significant height, therefore, in order to avoid the fall of the support due to the wind or other atmospheric phenomena, the foundation must reliably fix the support, and sometimes be monolithic with it. The dimensions of the foundation of lighting supports are largely dependent on the weight and height of the support itself, as well as lighting equipment.

In technical terms, the concrete foundation for lighting supports is installed approximately the same as other types of such structures, but with some additions taking into account the need for underground cable. The first step in carrying out the installation of the foundation for supports is the digging of the trench according to the technological map, its cleaning and laying of the cable. Next, drilling holes under the foundation itself is carried out, and it is worthwhile to indicate in advance to the stakes of the area where the supports will be installed.

Next, formwork is formed, mounted of embedded parts and cables, and isolation of all elements is also carried out to exclude further breakdown of electricity to the body. After these preparatory work, concrete is poured and the installation of the support itself.