How does the construction of the fireplace begin?

For many centuries, a fireplace has been considered a symbol of home comfort and comfort. And, despite the fact that today his original counterparts appeared, including electric fireplaces, most still dreams of having a real fireplace at home. Its construction begins with the project. If there is a desire and time, you can engage in it on your own, or entrust all the work to a specialist. At the same time, it is important to understand what elements and factors affect the total cost of a finished project.

The main components of the cost

It should be noted that the total cost of the construction of the fireplace will depend on the type of equipment and finishing materials that are used in the work, the heights of the ceilings and the number of floors in the house, on the prices of facade materials, the features of the structure of the foundation, the location of the Oblast and the climate. Therefore, for starters, you should evaluate your financial capabilities and draw up a budget for the construction of a fireplace. The arrangement of such a heating structure includes several stages, but it is important not to make errors when laying the firebox and erecting a chimney. These are the two most important nodes that will ensure the operation of the fireplace.

Choosing a place and calculation of parameters

It is necessary to choose the right place for arranging a fireplace correctly. Usually it is erected at the wall, in the corner, built into the niche in the wall or made as a separate structure. In the first case, the fireplace is easy to install in a ready -made house, while the chimney is equipped near the carrier, fire resistant wall. The corner fireplace is considered the most spectacular of all, it is no more difficult to build it than the rest, the main thing is to draw up the project correctly. Fireplaces that are built into the wall occupy a minimum of space. In addition, they can be installed on any floor of the house. The right choice of place is very important, since it will determine the convenience of using the fireplace in the future.