How can I buy a house for a young family?

The Government of the Russian Federation shows constant care for its citizens, adopted norms that allow you to provide material assistance to young families, transferring certain subsidies to their disposal through various state programs. One of these programs is “maternal capital”. Families in which the second child can already appear in it can take part in it. The essence of this program is that such families can receive monetary support from the state. But you need to understand that this help has a purpose. It can be spent on specific goals, for example, improving housing conditions.

The law stipulates that maternity capital can be aimed at repaying a mortgage loan, or any other loan that was taken to purchase an apartment. In addition, the apartment for maternity capital can be acquired as a shared construction. The law also provides that the repair and construction of a new country house can be funded from the received maternity capital.

In other words, the state provides the possibility of sending maternity capital resources for the acquisition of housing, in different ways. The adoption of such measures allowed many young families to improve their housing. Experience shows that participation in shared construction in its initial phase allows you to buy housing at a lower price.

In order to enter the shared construction of housing, it is necessary to prepare the following documents executed in the approved form, a certificate confirming the receipt of maternity capital. In addition, it will be necessary to submit documents on pension insurance, applicant documents, as well as a copy of the contract for participation in shared construction. Part of the documents should be certified by the notary, in addition, it is necessary to submit an obligation that within six months from the date of transfer of housing will be registered in the ownership of the owner of maternity capital and members of his family.