GSP – new modern finishing material

The GSP today has many options for applying the floors and frame structure of houses to facing and installation of window sills. Great for building partitions between rooms, ceilings and walls. The method of production of the GSP belongs to the semi -dry appearance. Pressing and drying a mixture of wood chips and gypsum occurs on a steel sheet. At 15% GSP consists of a wood component, 2% moisture and most of the gypsum component occupies – 83%. This new modern finishing material belongs to the category of environmentally friendly, it does not have glue, harmful chemical compounds, so it can easily be mounted both in the bedroom and in the kindergarten group. Such a plate will not distinguish harmful substances into the air. GSP guarantees good sound insulation of the premises – walls, floors and ceilings. This new finishing material is practically not susceptible to combustion, gypsum itself protects the wood component of the plate from fire. This option of finishing material, among other things, is resistant to impacts. After all, gypsum in it is quite reliably reinforced with a tree. So, during operation, it will receive a minimum of damage, and you will not have to change such a plate soon. It is also worth noting that the GSP can be finished at the discretion of the client: paint, whiten and glue wallpaper, finish with decorative materials. Today, for the convenience and speed of installation, you can purchase a ready -made panel system with a core from the GSP, finished with a natural veneer (the choice depends on you). Such a finish will be a good addition to any interiors, cabinets, offices. Yes, and in a restaurant or hotel of this kind, the finish will look beautiful, high -quality and served for a very long time, without losing their qualities.

GSP has a number of undeniable competitive advantages. Firstly, for Russia it is still a unique product, a foreign analogues cannot compete with the products of the Peshelani gypsum factory. After all, transport costs add up to 10%to the cost of GSP, and the Russian product produced in the center of the country does not have serious margins for transportation, customs and other additional expenses associated with its delivery to the construction market. Thus, choosing a strong, inexpensive and durable modern finishing material of domestic production – pay attention to the GSP, he will pleasantly surprise and delight any person who understands the construction of.