Gray color in the interior and style of “modern”

For unknown reasons, many designers choose bright tones when arranging a dwelling. Perhaps this has some kind of natural subtext. Green vegetation, blue sky, red flowers – all these tones are clearly displayed in our memory. “Bleached color” is the last option that is used only in extreme cases. In fact, basic tones only seem boring.

One of the best options for the architectural style “Modern” is a gray tone considered neutral. This color does not cause irritability, fatigue, promotes concentration, self -organization and calm. But you should not overdo it even with this. It is worth noting that it is advisable to use gray tones only for the base. In no case should it be combined with warm tones. The exception is red tone. If you correctly place priorities and color spots, you can make sure that the gray tint is included in the category of elitist solutions.

But there is another design minus of this coloring. Bright furniture or household appliances does not look very much in the gray room. It is also necessary to choose curtains with caution. Since gray color is slightly reflecting the sunny color, so it is more advisable to choose transparent curtains. From here comes the following drawback. The gray color, what advantages would not have, is still considered a cold shade. But this does not interfere with the use of it as a basic base for a hotel room or kitchen. The most important thing is to combine a decorative base and furniture in order to highlight all the advantages of gray.