Good heat insulator for roofs

For roofs of houses, the market offers a lot of heat insulators, among them, polyurethane foam stands out successfully. Builders consider this progressive material the best for roof insulation.

Polyurethane foam, or, as it is abbreviated, PPU has unique and unique properties. This foam is high -tech, when applying it has an excellent clutch, that is, it adheres to other materials without problems.

Experts calculated that if foam polyurethane is used to warm the roof, then heat saving will reach 50%. This proves that PPU has low heat conductivity. This material is indispensable for hard -to -reach places of the roof – its domed areas and parapet.

Polyurethane foam is easy to repair the old roof covered with roofing material. After all, it has a closed and porous structure, which gives the material high waterproofing qualities. Because of this, PPU is used a lot when working in the attic and on the basement.

The structure of the material is also homogeneous and monolithic, so the seams, cracks, cavities and joints do not form on it. Polyurethane foam has increased elasticity, this quality prevents it from cracking and relaxing. In addition, it has a low density, so very lightweight.

Polyurethane foam also prevents the formation of condensate, protects the metal parts of the roof from corrosion. Not only high humidity is not only for PPU, but even the water itself, because the material does not get wet. It has good sound insulation, so the noise of a downpour or wind will not disturb the inhabitants of the house.

Numerous tests of polyurethane foam for harmfulness showed that the material is non -toxic and completely harmless. Therefore, he was listed in the list of environmentally friendly building materials and widely used in residential premises.

All legal organizations and individual entrepreneurs, especially if their activities are closely related to fire safety, must have an appropriate permit. This is the so -called License of the Ministry of Emergencies, which will help you get on this site in a very short time.