Games with space

If you are tired of monotony, and the type of native walls causes despondency, there is one cardinal way to solve the problem. The redevelopment will make your house convenient, original and meet all the requirements of the hosts. But do not forget about the underwater stones that will meet along this path.

Where to begin?

First of all, wanting to equip a home to your own taste, it is necessary to compile a design project and approve it in a number of instances. This task will require significant costs of nerves and time. It is necessary to take into account that it is almost impossible to obtain permission to demolish the carrier wall, as this affects the integrity of the structures of the whole house. By contacting a professional company, you can avoid paperwork and speed up the process of obtaining a redevelopment permit, but, of course, there is no need to talk about saving then.

Another opportunity is to amend the project of the apartment at the construction stage. Currently, many companies allow you to change the internal space of the apartment. All that is required of you is to agree on changes with the developer. Thus, you will receive the necessary redevelopment immediately after putting the house into operation.

To make a final decision on what is the design of the design precisely you, take the premises plan and try to place the amount of furniture inside, mark openings, niches, rosettes. This can be done using specialized computer programs. For those who do not want to resort to the help of a computer, millimeters and scissors will be indispensable. Draw a plan-scheme of the future home, observing the scale, cut furniture and other interior items out of paper. Now put everything in place. A little time and fantasy, and you will get your dream apartment.

Who said that they are only sleeping in the bedroom?

A good option for one or two people-a studio apartment with a free layout. If you do not want to clutter up the space with a lot of furniture, then this option is suitable for you like no other. It is characterized by the organization of hidden dressing rooms, the replacement of doors with the arches, the arrangement of a niche in which you can place, for example, a working area. A smooth transition from the hallway to the dressing room, and from the dressing room to the bedroom or from the kitchen to the living room, why not? The main thing in such a studio apartment is correct to distinguish between various zones. This can be done with the help of light, mirrors, interior items from Democasa, contrasting walls in different zones, you can play with floors or ceilings. If the condition of the ceilings allows, you can make the loggia a continuation of the room or winter garden.

How would I fence off?

Another method of redevelopment of the home is not destruction, but by the construction of additional walls and partitions. It’s not about full -fledged brick walls. For zoning space, stained glass windows, bar racks, bookcases and even aquariums can be used. The original stained glass system will serve as an excellent partition between the hallway and the living room. Walls not reaching the ceiling, another fashionable trend. They do not weight space and leave a place for fantasy.

For those who want to save as much free space as possible, but at the same time sometimes want to fence off from the rest of the world, the salvation will become portable partitions with sliding doors or the most ordinary screen.

In general, do not be afraid to experiment, playing with space, because this is the only way you can decide which layout of an apartment or at home is right for you.