From which to build an inexpensive house

To build any home you need material. Each person, for lack of a huge amount of funds, was asked the question of what to build a house so that he would not cost? Let’s look at this question briefly. The cheapest material that is suitable for a stone house is foam blocks (gas silicate or foam concrete blocks). For such a house, a strip foundation arranged to the depth of freezing of the soil is best suited.

The house from foam blocks is very sensitive to deformation of the foundation, therefore the tape of this foundation should be arranged to a certain height.

Enrollments can be installed either reinforced concrete or wooden. But in this case, the ends of the beams that go deeper into the walls must be protected from moisture. Given the fact that concrete ceilings are harder than wooden, and in our case, a tree is used, then in this case the belts that are under the Mauerlat and beams of the ceilings can be made not continuous from reinforced concrete, but brick.

The roof of our inexpensive house should be arranged in accordance with the rules necessary to ensure inherent ventilation. As a roofing material for the construction of an inexpensive house, Ondulin is best suited – inexpensive, but relatively high -quality material.

It is better not to save on the equipment arrangement. Since this is fraught with fire and fire. For heating such a house, a compact wall gas boiler is best suited. It does not need a separate chimney for him, combustion products are diverted through the wall of the building. A separate room is unnecessary for such a boiler, it can be installed even in the kitchen.

He is also able to provide you with hot water. In the absence of gas highways, the installation of electric convectors is a good solution.

To arrange a sewage system of such a house, the simplest treatment system, which is two interconnected waste holes, one of which performs the function of a sump, and the other absorbing well. Here are briefly and all the information about what to build an inexpensive house from. Next, it is necessary to engage in internal arrangement of such a house, but this is already a separate and rather complicated question.