Finnish frame houses is a light -power design

Finnish frame houses by masters are considered a flawless design. Their distinctive constructive feature is considered a frame of wood or metal, which includes horizontal strands and racks, farms, rafters and other supporting structures. This frame is filled with high -quality effective insulation.

Finishing materials are used for facing the house inside and out. Due to the variety of decoration options, you can give a frame house an original and attractive appearance. Bold architectural and design solutions will help turn the Finnish frame house into a real fairy -tale palace.

Projects of Finnish frame houses are developed on the basis of the latest achievements in the method of construction and in the choice of building materials used. Houses built according to such projects are distinguished by durability, environmental friendliness, technological, convenience of interior and, most importantly, low cost. These projects are used both in the construction of ordinary houses and multi -storey (up to five floors), as well as in the buildings of garages, barns, sheds.

When designing Finnish frame houses, highly effective insulating materials and tightness of the enclosing structures are used, contributing to the savings of energy. In the conditions of accurate observance of technology, there should not be moisture penetration and uncontrolled air movement into structural details. The lack of moisture gives invaluable benefits of structures, preventing its rotting and contributing to the environmentality.

Projects of Finnish frame houses are in popularity in a row with projects of brick or concrete houses, not inferior to them in durability, strength and reliability. Even some advantages of Finnish frame houses are noted: decoration of the frame house in any convenient season, absolutely even surfaces of structures, lack of wet processes. Light, but at the same time high -strength structures do not need the construction of the foundation.

An indisputable advantage of Finnish frame houses is also the possibility of warming them in a very short time – two hours will be quite enough. At the same time, the benefit compared to concrete and brick houses is obvious: they, in need of additional thermal insulation of the walls, become much more expensive. A long heating will require considerable fuel reserves or a large electricity consumption – it all depends on the heating method.