Filtration system is an important component for water preparation

The filtration system is a very important component for the preparation of water in the pool. If you do not want to swim in a polluted pool, take care of your health, you must put the filter for the pool.

But it is one thing to put a filter, and another thing is not to forget about its maintenance. Many people think why do this, well, they put a filter, and forgot about it. In practice, everything is far from so simple. The filter delays various particles, dirt and so on, which interfere with the unhindered passage of water. And the more this dirt will accumulate in the filter, the high is the likelihood that the pump cannot withstand. All this can end with the fact that the pump will simply burst and fail. Therefore, you should not bring to this.

Clean the filter for the pool is necessary. It is not difficult to do this: the water just starts in a different direction, taking all the dirt from the filter to the sewer. Return washing once a week if the pool is used actively.

How to correctly perform a backling of the filter for the pool? Consider this at the stages:

Turn off the filter.

Put it into a reverse flushing mode. To do this, you need to click on a special handle on the filter barrel and turn it to the side.

Turn on the filter.

Next, the filter flushing directly begins. Pay attention to the cap, which is located on the valve housing. You will see water that will carry various flows of dirt. This is necessary in order to understand the importance of washing the filter for the pool.

The reverse flushing ends when the cap becomes transparent. On average, no more than a couple of minutes takes the flushing.

Turn off the filter and transfer it back to filtering mode, then turn it on the filter.