Fences options for a summer cottage

Every owner wants to have a beautiful and attractive fence around his property. To create it, you can use many different materials. Often used is wood. The simplest version of wood is picket fence. It is a frame and a crate nailed to it. To create such a fence, you need to have a tree, a little time and simple tools. Such a fence is inexpensive.

In the event that there is no desire to cut the boards to create a crate, you can make a wooden frame and confuse the corrugated board to it. The installation time of such a fence is very short.

The usual wooden fence has a good look. However, you can add zest to such a fence using glass pebbles. To do this, they drill a large number of holes in different places of the fence and insert glass balls into them. As a result, the type of fence becomes more beautiful. However, all beauty is revealed when glass pebbles falls under the rays of the sun. She begins to shine, adding a fence of a magic look. Such beauty will definitely appeal to every person whose house can have considerable heat loss. And here is already work for the thermal imager, because, you can identify the places through which the heat is released only with the help of thermal imaging, because they make it possible to inspect the house in infrared light and see through which areas the warm air enters.

Non -traditional, however, the original form is endowed with a fence, the crate of which is horizontal. In other words, each of its section consists of a certain number of horizontal boards located at a small distance. Such a fence is quite unusual, but very attractive.

Strengthen its beauty by using bamboo. It should serve as the basis for creating a crate. It is best to place it in an upright position. The weak place of wooden fences is pillars made of wood. Of course, they can be replaced with metal pipes. However, they will not harmonize with the general type of fence. You can fix the situation by making boxes from the boards and hiding in their middle pipe.