Features of the sink from Villeroid and Boch

Housing should be cozy and comfortable for living, so you need to approach its design and design with special attention. Even small elements, such as a sink or toilet, must be correctly selected and arranged. Villeroid and Boch, which is a leader in the sales market of plumbing equipment, has been very successful in this recently. Villeryy Boch toilets are famous for their reliability in use and high environmental properties. Kitchen utensils are made of quality porcelain. In general, all products of this company are produced using German technologies, including modern technologies and the latest developments.

One of the best production series of Villery and Boch is shells. They are made to the best designers with an individual approach to each model. Thanks to a wide range, among their products you can find shells of any shapes, structures, by many functionality and with various individual characteristics. This will help you choose exactly the sink that is most suitable for the interior of your bathroom (in style and design). Take, for example, the Loop Friends collection. All shells of this model have the simplest and most unique lines that do not burden them with a pompous design. They come in various forms: oval, square and even round, and each of them looks very impressive in the general interior plan. Also, a rectangular model with a wavy contour looks very pretty.

Villeryy Boch shells can be floor or overhead. Very often there are models without a hole for the mixer (in such cases it is located above the sink). All models have my own color scheme. Another feature is Ceramicplus coating, which makes the surface of the sink perfectly smooth. Manufacturers have not forgotten about ecology: Acivecare enamel coating has antibacterial properties that do not allow bacteria to develop. As for Aveo models, they are unique in their asymmetry. Thanks to this feature, the appearance of handmade is created, and the toilet itself seems unique and unique. If you like a classic, then it is best to make a choice in favor of the models of the Amadea collection. After all, they are made in the style of luxurious old castles. In general, each collection is unique and unique, has a number of features and functional capabilities.