Evalurated logs: Application

The house of logs is supported by oxygen balance, as well as the necessary humidity at the optimal level, the rooms are always clean and fresh air, which ensures the necessary comfort for full residence. A solid log house has many advantages that determined its popularity among Russians. The material for its construction has an affordable cost, while it has many properties and advantages. The logs are perfectly held in the cold season of the year. In the summer in such a house it is cool and fresh, which is very important, because recently the summer in our country is very hot.

What are the advantages of a gallected log?

A tree is a natural, natural material that is able to “breathe”, so it provides natural ventilation in a log house. In addition to natural ventilation, the tree disinfects the air, does not allow harmful substances to enter it. There is very clean air in the gallended logs, and the oxygen balance and air humidity are at the optimal level.

Log houses provide a full rest of people who live in it. Since wood is natural material, it cannot harm health. Other building materials that are used in suburban construction in some cases cause allergic reactions, which is very dangerous for young children. The log, on the contrary, has a very positive effect on the body, because it has positive energy, healing exposure and special spirit.

Escilled logs perfectly retain the heat of the room. About five times the thermal insulation properties of the walls from this material exceed the indicators of walls from traditional brick or concrete. The walls of the galled logs seem to accumulate heat in themselves, after which it is evenly distributed throughout all the rooms of the house, so it will be warm in the log houses when severe frosts are outside.

It is worth noting that the walls from the log do not need additional thermal insulation, because due to unique thermal insulation properties in the house from the galinded log in the summer, it is cool, and in winter heat. Another advantage of the gallected log is its durability and strength. With a house built from this popular material, nothing will happen for many decades. For wood processing, modern compositions are now used, which increase the operational period of wooden houses several times.