Design secrets in a small apartment

Most people associate a small apartment with inconvenience, lack of space and memories of the student years in a hostel. However, a few secrets will make your life in a small apartment much more convenient and spacious.

1. Colors and accents

Make the walls of your house with your assistant, and they will help you visually expand the space. Especially if the color scheme is white, ivory, yellow and other light shades. Paint the corridor in a slightly darker shade, and the ceiling is lighter. Place colorful accents, pictures or other decorative elements on the walls. All these techniques will create the feeling that at least several square meters to the actual area of ​​the apartment was added to at least a few square meters.

2. Round forms

Geometry comes to the rescue when it comes to replacing sharp surfaces in furniture with rounded structural elements. Instead of one long table – a much more correct solution is two small tables of round shape, around which you can organize the remaining furniture in the living room. Among other things, this option is very convenient when guests come to you. And also it gives a feeling of spaciousness.

3. Visual techniques

Crossing in design can teach you to successfully use both vertical space in the room and horizontal. Shelves, narrow and high racks or hangers, functional sliding doors are only some of the elements that will help save space and look very good in the interior. As for colors and optical effects – if the room is small or narrow, you can achieve the effect of higher or wider walls by decorating surfaces with strips of contrasting colors. In addition, this technique will help create a fashionable “high -tech” or “avant -garde” design style in your home.

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