Design and construction of pools

Swimming is very useful for human health. The ancient Greeks still spoke about this in the famous saying “He does not know how to swim or read”. The saying eloquently indicates how important and useful the swim was considered.

Often fans of swimming are visited by the idea of ​​building a pool, but this idea requires some specific skills.

Build a large pool and with great depth – this is not a task of simple. Such a stationary pool is a rather complex design. It is possible to build such a pool only with a sufficient amount of time and means. In addition, such a task is at least two people. To entrust the design and construction of pools is better than a professional company: Proektirovanie-I-STRITELSTVO-BASSEYNOV. HTML.

Stationary pools are of two types: open or closed. An open pool is most often built in the courtyard of their private house. The open type of pool has some disadvantages. First of all, this is the need to cleanse it from street garbage, dust, leaves or insects that have fallen into it.

Before starting the construction of a stationary pool, you need to draw up its project. To do this, you need to provide in advance such parameters as: depth, shape, location, size, etc. D. Factors that need to be taken into account when designing the pool:

– It is necessary to determine the system of filtering and circulation of water;

– Choose the necessary equipment;

– Pay attention to the features of the external type networks;

– Take into account all the sizes and features of the ventilation of the room, when it comes to a closed type of pool;

After all the nuances have been calculated, you can start designing. This stage will require such calculations as: the volume and time of work, and the consumption of materials.

The design of such a pool types as turnkey pool implies the presence of three main stages:

– Architectural plan;

– Calculation of the elements that will be in the most often pool;

– The design of the pool.

Design involves the presence of a plan in the form of sketches, which includes data as the location of the pool, its size, depth and more. When calculating the swing of the pool, you need to decide on the choice of materials and directly with the shape of the bowl.

Correct design will be a guarantee that the pool will serve for a long time and will not need to carry out repair work too often. Only accurate calculations during design will be able to protect your pool from various deformations and the formation of microcracks. The water supply and sewage system will be affected by the basin.