The interior composition of a decorative glass is universal and is suitable for any type of room. A variety of stained -glass windows, mosaic, as well as wall panels allow you to structure living space and profitably supplement the composition of office rooms. The manufacture of stained glasses is carried out exclusively by private orders. Experts use modern technologies and develop individual projects.

The range of decorative glass includes stained glass windows, ceilings, windows and sliding structures. Separate sets are designed for kitchen facades and for decorative niches in wall partitions. Professional organization Laviter is ready to propose the manufacture of full -fledged stained -glass images. We are talking about paintings that are installed in the interior as independent objects. The cost of developing artistic solutions depends on the complexity of the decorative pattern. As the main materials, a complex type of organic glass and acrylic paint is used.

Decorative glass is especially effective when using lighting devices. The decor is installed on various floor lamps, as well as table lamps. As a result, an interesting game of shades and shadows appears in the room. For commercial premises, private workshops offer the manufacture of stained glass mirrors. Designs are equipped with a design ornament consisting of small mosaics.

Unlike other interior objects, no maintenance is required for decorative glazing. Artificial material is invulnerable to mechanical damage and scratches. Any glass structures are supplied with a thick insulating layer. The transparent basis spoils the appearance, but at the same time protects the element from mechanical damage and defects.