Criteria for choosing a land plot in St. Petersburg

Did you know that you can not build a house on any land plot, because each of them has a specific purpose. At the same time, it does not play the role of its form of use and property. The purpose of the land is the permissible boundaries of using the site specified by the relevant authority and established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Belonging to a particular category of land is the main one to determine the value of the site. In any city, land plots of St. Petersburg are not an exception to sell land plots. Moreover, most often people who decided to purchase or sell the site turn to real estate agencies for help. By contacting a real estate company, you do not have to determine the intended purpose of the land, check the authenticity of real estate documents and worry about the reliability of the transaction. If you cooperate with the realtor, then he will protect your rights as much as possible. If you are interested in the commercial real estate of St. Petersburg, then the realtor can also help you in its choice.

Criteria for choosing a land plot in St. Petersburg

The remoteness from the city is the most important criterion that is presented to the Earth. Currently, life in a country house makes it possible to forget about the city and burn all the bridges with it. Our relatives and friends, work, favorite restaurants, clubs, theaters, etc. remain there. That is, reasons to go to the city you will have many. Therefore, you need to evaluate your capabilities in advance. The more often you go to the city, the closer the land should be located.

Roads in St. Petersburg are good and bad. If you go to the city on your car daily, then you should pay special attention to the condition of the roads to the site. But if you get to the city by bus, then find out how often transport transport goes and whether the stop is far from the site.

It is equally important to evaluate the situation around the land. For example, if the rails will pass next to him, then you will often have to “enjoy” the noise from moving trains. It is also worth finding out whether in the near future the construction of a factory or plant near the site will be carried out in the near future. Do not forget that the site should be even, well -groomed and designed for construction.