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Corrugated board is a profile made of a sheet of steel, usually a trapezoidal shape. This product is made by cold rolling. In order to make corrugated board, they usually use rolled galvanized steel or galvanized steel coated with polyester, which was made according to GOST.

For the flooring of the roof and the installation of removable formwork, as well as as floors between floors, corrugated board can be used, which is higher than 44 millimeters of stiffness equipped with additional ribs, providing a very high bearing capacity and marked by Latin letter N.

In order to arrange the facade or wall fences as well as fences and partitions, they use corrugated board with a trapezoid corrugation of which the height is 8 – 44 millimeters, indicated by the letter C.

The corrugated board with a polymer coating is most often used as a material for roofs in residential buildings and industrial buildings and many other structures, marked – to.

Today, this building material is the most universal. Literally everything that surrounds us daily made of it.

Such a building is the best suited for the rapidly vegetable buildings.

Many companies can offer a huge selection of this material, a large color scheme will help you make your home very noticeable and not like others. The manufacture of a profiled sheet from alumocylic can be considered a novelty. This material in comparison with galvanized steel increases the life and has a high heat -reflecting ability. You can easily find exactly the one that you need, and if you have problems in use, then just contact the construction company and you will immediately hasten qualified workers who will quickly and most importantly solve your problem.

The positive qualities of corrugated board include:

– Very high strength characteristics. Today, the sheets of corrugated board are very large in area do not sag and do not bend, and also do not rattle with strong gusts of wind, so the design in which they are used have very high strength and do not require additional installation of the frame.

– The highest anti -corrosion resistance.

– An attractive appearance. The variety of textures and a very wide range of colors.

– durability

– Possibility of manufacturing on order.