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Corrugated board H 60 and corrugated board galvanized C8-1150

Breeding – a profiled sheet that is made from galvanized metal. Quite often, it is used mainly by industrial construction (warehouses, hangars), during the external walls of the external walls, in roofing work.

So, the corrugated board H 60 is used as building material during roofing work. The corrugated board H 60 is made with cold -rolling profiling, using high -quality steel for this. The maximum strength is provided due to the stiffeners along its main part, as well as the height of the corrugation 6 cm. This product may have a polymer protective coating. Thanks to it, the product looks best, also because of it for a long period of time, sheets retain their original quality.

The letter N in the marking indicates the bearing form of the product. It is inconvenient to use this material for the construction of roofs with a small angle of inclination. The thickness of this material is different and varies in the range of 0.5-1 mm. Since the sheets are quite strong, even if they constantly have to withstand continuous loads, they will not lose their appearance and initial characteristics. He also does not need special care. And if its surface is polluted, to remove dirt, the surface should simply be washed with water without adding some special products.

Since this product is characterized by increased rigidity, it can be used in conditions with a constant increased wind load. During the construction of the roofs, the sheets perform the function of supporting structures. Sheets of this profile can be used to build a whole warehouse. In addition, sheets can become a material for the construction of a roof and walls. They are characterized by durability, that is, they can last more than 50 years. The positive factor of these products during transportation is also that they do not break and do not bend. Increased strength and rigidity allow it to be used in the construction of fences, walls and partitions. But to a greater extent it is used as a roofing.

Glorious C8-1150 corrugated board is considered a unique material. So, this is the most economical option among profiled sheets. But not only because of this it is considered so popular, its consumer characteristics include: the most simple installation and processing, durability and reliability. The galvanized corrugated board C8 -1150 has the shape of a trapezoidal corrugation, a small profile height is 8 mm, in addition, a useful sheet width is -1150 mm.