Comfort and comfort in accordance with nature

The summer cottage only at the beginning of the construction of the cottage is a plowed field, in the future, the owner tries to apply all his knowledge and money in its arrangement. Projects of invited landscape designers help to create these areas of rest, worthy opportunities and the status of the owner.

Where to place a vacation site on your site, to decide, of course, to you yourself, but you need to listen to the advice of experts as well. First, think about what will be in the recreation area, gazebo, patio, barbecue or spa area – a recreation area near the water. And only after that take up the construction of the relevant buildings. This work will take a lot of time, if you do everything you yourself and much less, if the designer with his team will work.

It is advisable to place the barbecue zone away from the residential building, because the site will be a barbecue, a stove – a brazier and, possibly, a place for breeding a fire. Having placed a bench nearby, you can build a canopy or gazebo to protect against rain, you can look for an option of which on the website of the store selling everything that you will need on a personal plot for a good rest. The gazens made of forged metal look very beautiful, with curls and inserts from various materials. You can place a bar for firewood next to the barbecue, also made of forged rental, in the same style with a gazebo, canopy and other garden buildings.

A lot of time and money will be needed if you want to have a small lake next to the house and use it for bathing, or maybe like a decorative pond with goldfish. To relax at the pond or pool in your own site, sunbathe or do other spa – procedures, where is the top of the bliss, and no Turkey is needed. Green plantations planted on your site, here is the last bar in the picture that you decided to write on your site by applying a palette of flowers, shrubs and trees. Your landings will soon grow up, and with proper care and great care, your pride for this work will be immense.