Colored fine -grained foam: Features of the material

Nowadays it is simply necessary to save heat and money. It is necessary to insulate the walls, since the temperature in the room is low, and the price of gas is growing. The walls must be insulated if in your homes it is comfortable and warm. If the temperature on the street drops up to 30 degrees, then water condensate appears on the walls (evaporates), it can ruin your wallpaper. Some brick walls can dine, even in warm weather, and covered with a fungus – this is a lack of thermal insulation. It is best to warm the walls on both sides. But if you decide to insulate the walls from the inside, then you need to choose a material. The most common types of material are mineral wool and foam.

For insulation, it is better to use colored fine -grained foam, which is denser than usual. It happens in the form of rectangular or square sheets, has a different thickness. It is used to warm the walls before plaster or putty. More often than polystyrene, mineral wool is used, since it is more effective. It is not ignited by fire and durable (service life is 50-60 years). Mouse never settled in it. There are two types of cotton: in rolls and mats, their width is about one meter. Mineral wool is glued like a foam on a purified surface. As glue, you can use the mounting foam. Strengthen mineral wool plastic dowels. But it should be remembered that it is necessary to warm not only shifts, but also windows, entrance doors, ventilation ducts. Warming your home is a task that requires a comprehensive solution.