Classification of pumps for a private house: which one to choose

Owners of private houses with personal plots are faced with different problems. Spring sometimes presents surprises in the form of melt water in huge quantities, which significantly reduces the comfort of living. To make such problems easier to solve, it is worth buying a drainage pump designed to solve them. Water accidents may also occur on the site, to eliminate which this unit will be needed. The choice of a drainage pump is not so simple, as it really seems. The device needs to satisfy the executed requirements. It depends on the tasks he he has been. In addition, there is a risk of buying a fake that does not guarantee prolonged use, although it costs a lot of money. It is better to deal with Italian and German firms producers who are universally recognized leaders.

Pumps can be superficial and immersed. With the help of submersible pumps, deep tanks are cleaned. They are also used in those places where large -scale flooding occurs. Superficial pumps are more compact, but they are used in small containers.

The main function of drainage pumps is the drainage. Among the drainage pumps there are models that can work far from city amenities without using electricity.

Such pumps work on diesel fuel. Be sure to make sure that the model is present from the “dry move”. With a critical decrease in water level, the pump should not pump air, otherwise overheating will occur, which will lead to the failure of the device. As a protective mechanism, a float jumper is now increasingly used. The part closes the contacts when the water level decreases, and when raising the level, the pump resumes the work.