Classification of ovens: Which option to choose

The oven in the kitchen today is a decent replacement for gas and electric stoves. What advantages can be expected from him? First of all, multifunctionality, convenience and ease of management, practicality and durability. Another of the main factors is the availability of price. All these requirements usually meet the kitchen built -in cabinet. Like the kitchen slab, from the point of view of the energy and heat used, it can be of two types: electric and gas. You can classify ovens in their compatibility with other kitchen appliances. Here you can distinguish 8 species that will always please you with SmeG-Store oven stores:

1. Ovens using electricity built into separate electric slabs. 2. Oven electric cabinets built into the gas slabs standing separately.

3. Oven gas cabinets built into the gas slabs standing separately.

4. Brave electric cabinets in built -in electric stoves compatible with burglar glass -ceramic panels.

5. Built -in ovens operating on electricity compatible with hobby gas panels.

6. Built -in ovens operating using electricity and combining two types of hobs: gas and electric.

7. Gas oven compatible with burglar gas panels.

8. Electric oven built -in cabinets.

Typically, ovens work without a fan, are not blown and have only two heating modes, but can be multifunctional, which include up to 15 heating modes and ventilated by forced air ventilation. In such cabinets, you can defrost products, brown pastries, dry dishes, cook chicken – grill and much more. Many cabinets are now equipped with an electronic control system, it is located on the sensory panel of the cabinet. One touch of a finger can be adjusted to the desired regime. It is also very convenient to have such a function such as a “timer” that will give a signal sound about the readiness of the dish, as well as that it is time to turn off the oven. In addition, the wind cabinets have another advantage – they are equipped with a protective shutdown system that instantly disconnects the cabinet when the slightest malfunction occurs. The oven kitchen cabinets firmly settled in the market, due to their safety, practicality and ease of use. They are already well adapted to difficult to work in Russian cuisines and are in great demand in the market.