Classification of a log house to create your own home

In modern times, many people who live in cities dream of building their own cottage. All people prefer various materials for building a cottage or a bathhouse. In modern times, a more economical option is the construction only with bricks, but this does not always give a natural effect. Now many people also prefer to build a dwelling from a tree. People living in wooden houses say that even non -living continues to study the energy of heat and thereby the tree betrays the home with a unique atmosphere of interaction between the owner of the house and nature. To this day, the log house of the house in the Russian Federation is considered as a symbol of hardness and reliability, and the use of logging materials is a very ancient way to build a home. The log house is a wooden structure where the walls are collected from the processed logs. The technology for the manufacture of log house of houses is very popular in the Kaluga region. All log cabins in Kaluga represent various arbors, houses, baths.

There are certain types of log cabins:

• octagon (octagonal log;

• five -walls (log with a cut);

• Row (log with stone);

• shedding (tower -shaped log);

• six (hexagonal log);

• Four (rectangular log).

At the moment, there are such types of technologies for the manufacture of log house of houses:

1. Oscilinding;

2. Canadian cabin;

3. Lafet

The construction of a log house in Kaluga is carried out from logs with a diameter of 18 to 40cm from deciduous and coniferous rocks. The log should be young, without rot and cracks and also an integral recommendation is dry material. Each log is laid on one another, and are connected using various types of connections. First put logs of larger diameter, and then only smaller and only after complete masonry and connection begin to make the roof and paint with varnish.