Choose an electric fireplace

I grew up in one of the secluded and quiet corners of our Motherland. One of my best childhood memories was family gatherings winter evenings by the stove. Looking at the fire, we shared our impressions from the day. Everything was so cozy and calm that even then I firmly decided for myself – I would grow up and I will definitely buy a house with a stove. But life has made its own adjustments, I now live in a modern metropolis and put a Russian stove on the 12th floor of the apartment. So how to be? Abandon the dream – well, no, this is definitely not about me. In addition, walking the Internet, I accidentally hit the site where when I saw electric fireplaces and realized – dreams come true. Using an electric fireplace, you can add to any house, apartment or cottage of your unique charm.

I want to share my experience in choosing a fireplace, perhaps someone also wants to equip a home, but does not know where to start. First, decide on the place where it will be installed, because to a large extent the choice of its type depends on it.

– If you do not have a large room, or you would like to move the fireplace around the apartment, then choose a better floor fireplace. It does not require special work for installation and, if necessary, it can even be taken to the country.

– When the target’s goal is not only decorative, then pay attention to the hinged electric fireplaces. Depending on the power, they are suitable even for heating small rooms. For example, a fireplace of up to 2 kW is quite capable of becoming a heat source for a room up to 20 kV. m.

An important role in the fireplace is played by its aesthetic design and its naturalness. Depending on the interior of the house, you can choose the finish of the fireplace with a decorative stone, metal, plastic, wood, etc. D. There is a directly proportional dependence between the realism of the fireplace flame and its price. The option with a plastic imitation of logs and LED backlighting will be the most budgetary solution. The effect of coal decay here is achieved using reflective screens. In more expensive models of this effect, they achieve with the help of a complex system of mirrors, there are additional opportunities, such as aromatization, thermoregulation, light music, etc. D.

In addition to the fireplace itself, accessories are also sold – a scoop, a firewood, a poker, etc. D. With the help of these little things, you can achieve the most cozy atmosphere of your home. Having installed an electric fireplace, we seemed to breathe a soul into our apartment. Very nice in a circle, now your own family, to remember the best moments of life.