Choose a style of a cocktail dress

You are invited to the event and asked to appear in a cocktail dress? Which style to choose? This article. Want to create an elegant image and create the illusion of a thin waist? Put on a frail skirt and tight-fitting top.

This style is great for parties, celebrations, cinema, theater, opera and so on. Such an outfit looks very feminine, even if you combine it with a low -heeled shoes.

Most women are suitable for a dress for one shoulder. It will help make the figure slimmer, higher, to draw attention to the upper body. Similar dresses for cocktail are recommended for women with wide shoulders. It is desirable that the dress is sewn from the satin and decorated with ruffles.

Almost everyone is suitable for sheath dresses. This style seems very simple, but it successfully emphasizes the natural forms of the body and looks elegant, feminine and stylish. For campaigns at parties, dresses with additions are recommended: various collars, floral prints, lace fabric. Many sheath dresses can be worn on weekdays.

Basque dresses will help to make a more attractive figure. This option looks advantageous on women with a chiseled figure and women with an athletic type. He successfully masks the most problematic places in the waist.

If you need to hide extra pounds, look more slender, give preference to a dress with a low waist. This style looks especially successful on women over forty years old, who have a wide waist. Miniature women in a dress with a low waist look higher. All -stone dresses favorably emphasize the lines of the body. It is advisable to choose models from shiny fabric.