Characteristics of waterproof plywood

Decoration of the premises of a country house is a time -consuming procedure that requires preparation, choice of tools and selection of materials. Suburban houses have a changeable microclimate environment. High concentration of humidity, constant temperature fluctuations quickly lead to the phenomenon of corrosion. Waterproof plywood here is a quality choice for private cottages. Modern materials have many features, have a lot of species and comply with modern ecology standards. Waterproof plywood is made of natural wood. The main raw material is the veneer of the birch and coniferous species. There are several plywood classes determined by the nature of the surface. An important advantage of the material is high moisture resistance. Functional types of coatings are intended for residential premises.

In moist rooms and non -heated sites, FSF plywood is used, invulnerable to corrosion. To glue structures, phenol -formaldehyde resin is used, which provides high stability before moisture, temperature effects. Plywood is designed for active operation and does not need monitoring and restoration. In the development technology, the material is subjected to various influences. Some types of coatings involve installation as adjacent elements.

These modifications have a rough surface. Smooth plywood is often used as the main interior solution to which it is easy to apply paints, glue wallpaper, decorative materials for decoration. Buying waterproof plywood from the manufacturer opens a rich selection of construction products. By acquiring materials directly, the householder gets the opportunity to choose a plywood according to the proportions of the work surface, excluding any errors.