characteristics of materials from Siberian larch

The search for a good universal lumber can take a strikingly long time. In construction supermarkets, several samples of different wood are now being exposed, but they can not talk about what unique properties this or that product can not everywhere. Moreover, one bar is not at all indicative – I always want to see the material entirely. But even in this case, nothing is worth being deceived. Consider this on the example of a furniture shield. This product is one of the most beloved by professional joiners. It allows you to create elastic structures of window sills, stairs, finishing elements and many other things. But, if you look true, as you can, being in a store, understand that one furniture shield will become an excellent basis for a new structure, and the other will not last ten years. We will not be deceived – in the construction store everything looks approximately the same. Therefore, it is worth immediately dotting all points over “yo”.

Furniture shield from larch in Moscow is quite difficult. This is not a very popular lumber, so most often it is bought through online stores. Some worry about the fact that with such a purchase, the material is purchased blindly. But we will be realistic: the fact that you can touch the shield will not give anything. Another thing is when you are in advance about the qualities of the Siberian larch. And this tree has a lot of truly amazing properties.

Firstly, it contains much more resins and gameds than in any other breed. It is this feature that makes lumber from larch not only strong, but also healthy health. Resins are distinguished by phytoncides that have a powerful antiseptic effect. Thus, the air in houses where larch is present remains incredibly clean, and the process of recovery in the disease is accelerated several times.

Secondly, when interacting with water, gum and resin only strengthen the wood. The larch becomes several times harder, without losing this property over the years.

Thirdly, this breed is not subject to decay. There is no such irritant that could cause lumber decomposition. Thus, the furniture shield will serve faithfully, at least 500 years. If the larch is for nothing mold, it is not difficult to conclude that this tree is not interesting and the interpreters insects, and small rodents will not approach the larch.