Analysis of the expediency of repair: what to take into account

Repair is a process that takes a lot of time, financial costs, physical efforts and great patience. Before you endure this type of work, you need to decide on the type of repair. Either it will be cosmetic, or it will be a full -fledged overhaul, which will include all the overlay work. And so you have decided on the type of repair, but you have to find out the following question: where, how can you start doing repair work. An ideal option is to draw up a visual drawing that depicts all the main details of the repair and its stages of execution. It is difficult to imagine a full -fledged repair without compiling an estimate. Having calculated the budget, you protect yourself from unexpected financial surprises during the period of repair work. I would like to note that it is best to start repair work in the spring. This is explained by such factors as: favorable weather and lack of shortage of labor. If you have only your own strengths, and you will not turn to the help of a construction campaign, then repair work can be planned for any time.

Repair process

And so the long -awaited repairs have come. First you need to remove from the room where repairs will be carried out, all things: furniture, headset, dishes, etc. D. Then the most crucial moment begins – it is the dismantling of walls, ceiling, flooring, tile removal. The builders call this stage “dirty and noisy”. The dust that is formed after this type of work will have to be washed out for a very long time. At the same stage, work is underway to change plumbing, electric wires, heating systems, walls, ceiling and floor are aligned. After that, you can start replacing windows, balcony frame and doors.

The next stage – this work is related to creating a new image of the ceiling, walls and floor. First, make the ceiling and laying the flooring, and then proceed to the walls. Next, the skirting boards are installed, under which you can hide all the cables. At the last stage, holes are made for various shelves, cornice, if they are provided by the interior. And the most final stage is the installation of furniture, accessories, decor items.

At this stage, the repair work is completed, and the time comes for comfort and comfort.