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Advantages of using a soft roof: what to take into account

Today, popular roofing material is a soft roof. This material began to be produced from the middle of the last century, and during this time it has passed the test of time. The soft roof is called differently: flexible tiles or bitumen roof. Before stopping the choice on flexible tiles, it is necessary to study its main advantages.

The main material for the manufacture of tiles is a fiberglass, which is impregnated with bitumen sbs-modified. The service life of the roofing material is 50 years.

Flexible tiles have such a quality as resistance to climatic conditions. The technology of manufacturing material is constantly being improved and today flexible tiles are produced taking into account various climatic conditions of different countries. There are many companies that have chosen the sphere of their activities to the production of tiles. Tiles from various companies differs among themselves in color, shape. Both inexpensive, simpler options for the roof and models, which are applied, for example, a layer of copper, aluminum are presented on sale.

The main materials that are used in the process of creating flexible tiles are bitumen and stelocholst. Since ancient times, bitumen has been recognized as good waterproofing material. In order to prevent its aging on the roof, modern technologies provide for its compulsory oxidation, as well as the addition of various modifiers that the elasticity gives the roof.

The main advantages of the soft roof are:

The material allows you to create a reliable roof that does not miss precipitation. Proper installation creates a continuous waterproofing carpet that does not allow water to accumulate on the surface of the roof.

During the rain in the room, complete silence remains.

The soft roof does not rot, is not subjected to corrosion.

Withstand temperature differences.

Easily mounted.

The minimum amount of waste is formed in the installation process.

A huge range of material due to the variety of shapes, colors.


Soft roof – environmentally friendly, reliable, technological!