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Advantages of the use of piece parquet

It has long been to this day parquet is one of the most popular floor coverings. Consisting of strugar bar of the most expensive wood, parquet was used to create unique compositions in famous halls and palaces of the former era. Currently, parquet is successfully laid in apartments and in country houses. Piece parquet is particularly grace and chic. Such parquet is made of exotic wood, as well as nuts, ash, oak, bouquet. Due to the fact that modern equipment and production technologies are used to create a piece parquet, it is possible to preserve the natural drawing of wood, and this, in turn, allows you to create a floor masterpiece, for example, in the living room.

The advantages of piece parquet are also that the parquet serves for a very long time, good thermal insulation and sound insulation, as well as an external beautiful view. The tree used to create a parquet board over time only improves its properties, for example, a parquet of oak, after several years, becomes even more durable, while its appearance does not change its appearance.

Distinguish the piece parquet depending on the tree breed, as well as its color. For example, light (birch, ash) and dark (walnut, red tree. The parquet is also divided by the type of sawing, on which the nature of the resulting wood drawing depends..

The manufacture of the parking is engaged in special enterprises. But the laying of the parquet can also be entrusted only to highly qualified specialists.

Recently, bamboo piece parquet has been successfully used, it perfectly stimulates and relaxes the feet, affects blood circulation, and helps relax. Parquet in the living room is stylish and convenient, but the parquet requires caring for it, this should be remembered…