Advantages of the use of clinker brick

To date, despite the emergence of many different building materials, the brick also remains one of the most popular. In this case, the range is significantly increased. Clinker brick is considered popular in construction. His distinctive feature is that he is not afraid of heights. This phenomenon in its origin is the result of chemical reactions that occur on the surface of the brick. More specifically, this is the transition of certain chemical compounds present in the brick in the crystalline solid state, in other words, there are crystallization of some chemical salt compounds – chlorides, sulfates, carbonates and others. When there are such phenomena on the facade of the building, you need to forget about the external attractive form of the building. You can also find out more detailed information about the clinker brick on the Prostroika website. .

Often, this is the reason that the owners need to invite specialists or use expensive construction chemistry to eliminate such ugliness. Salt is the cause of the appearance of heights, because it is contained precisely in the brick itself or is present in the construction solution. But the exclusion of this salt from the composition allows the clinker brick to maintain a decent appearance of the structure, which is built with its use.