Advantages of the use of a massive board: Features

To begin with, it is worth noting the main drawback of a massive board, through which many owners are not able to step over – this is the cost of coating. The array board belongs to the elite type of flooring, and you will have to give a lot of money for such pleasure.

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But if you decide on such a valuable acquisition, then a floor, truly elegant coating will appear in the house, which has many advantages. The advantages of a massive board include:

– Great sound – and thermal insulation properties

– visual increase in the volume of the room

– The final quality of the coating

– strength and reliability

– Environmental friendliness

– Durability and wear resistance

– Decorative.

It is worth clarifying the issue of the cost of a board from an array. Although the prices are generally approximately corresponding to each other, there is still some scatter. Thus, if there is some restriction in funds and it is necessary to save on anything, then it is worth considering that in this case, the final cost of the product affects:

– Dimensions

– The quality of wood

– The origin of wood

– The value of the tree of the tree.

Naturally, exotic breeds brought from distant countries will cost much more.