Advantages of the house of a house from a natural log house

From a long time in Rus’, the house was built of wood. A wooden house has many advantages over other types of houses and not only in the accessibility of the material. Our ancestors also knew this. The main advantage of a wooden house is its environmental cleanliness. The tree has the ability to breathe and evaporate from the surface of phytoncides, so in such a house a special microclimate is created, which favorably affects the health of a person living in it, helps relieve tension and stress. Wooden houses hold heat very well, which is not unimportant in winter. And in the summer they perfectly keep cool. Quality construction can extend the life of a wooden house for decades.

Today on the market, various companies for the manufacture of wooden houses offer a huge selection of log house projects. But you can order the manufacture of a log house according to an individual architectural project, while all the wishes of the customer will be taken into account. When choosing a construction company, study the contract, find out from consultants about the guarantees that they provide, the deadlines for execution of the order, as well as about the stages of construction. This is necessary that at the end of work your home only pleases you.

At home, they are most often built from pine, but they can use spruce, larch, cedar for this, depending on the desire of the customer. You can build wooden houses at any time of the year, the main thing is that the building material for this is selected high -quality. The most suitable forest for the construction of wooden houses is the one that grows in the northern regions of Russia. High -quality building material is harvested in winter, intact for pests and diseases. The tree should be at least 80 years old.

For the log house, logs are taken from 240 to 320 mm in diameter. Masters clean the wood with an ax or bracket (this is a tool for stripping, outwardly similar to a sickle). Further, the log is processed with an electric rhuban. After that, the tree becomes smooth without knots and bumps. And then apply an antiseptic to avoid wood lesions with a moldy fungus.

So that the logs are tightly adjacent to each other, they make rubbish, t. e. Cut cups and grooves for angular joints. There are several types of corner compounds of log cabins. Most often, two types are used – this is a cutting of a log house in a “bowl” (when the ends of the logs over a few centimeters go beyond the boundaries of the structure) and cutting the log house into the “paw” (when the ends of the logs are sawn down exactly along the edge of the structure). Thanks to these compounds, the logs are firmly adverse. The cutting of the log house in the “bowl” gives in the end very warm corners in a wooden house. And when cutting a log house in the “paw”, the corners are somewhat cooler, but this type is less laborious, unlike the cutting of the log house in the “bowl”.

The construction of a wooden house can be divided into two stages.

First stage. A log house is made under the roof and its installation on the foundation. Then the openings are cut in the places of future windows and doors to ensure the ventilation of the log house and prevent decay.

Second phase. Within 12-18 months, the log house will be seated, during which time the logs will dry out and settled denser. So that pests and fungus, moisture and sun do not harm the house, it must be treated with antiseptics and antipyrens. Processing at least twice. The first time that the log house was just made, and the second – in a year. They are safe for a person and will help to save the house excellently. After that, you can start finishing the house.

To date, the construction of wooden houses becomes very popular, log houses are the most popular of them. Because they not only look beautiful and harmonious, but also very practical and economical. The construction of a wooden house will cost cheaper than a brick.

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