Advantages of hollow floor slabs

Multi -storey residential buildings, structures, public premises that have a prefabricated and monolithic frame are built using reinforced concrete floor slabs.

Plates of the ceiling are the following varieties:


With a non -pointed formation

This product, as well as paving slabs in St. Petersburg, is distinguished by high strength parameters, which provide accurate compliance with manufacturing standards in technology. In addition, only high -quality source materials are used in its manufacture.

Flaps of floors have many advantages

Buildings using this material retain a constant temperature balance.

Slabs can be used as bearing walls, so the building acquires a special strength.

This product is made using high -quality steel frames and a reinforcing grid.

This building material has high water resistance, strength and durability. Therefore, for the long operation of the building under construction, it is better to buy hollow floor slabs.

Due to increased strength qualities, the material has resistance to fire, withstands large loads reaching 1.5 tons per 1 sq. m of the formed surface.

A feature of hollow plates

The appearance of concrete hollow plates is represented in the form of a parallelepiped, inside of which pipe voids are formed. Thanks to these voids, the plate acquires stiffness on the break and can tolerate a lot of significant loads.

To all this, we can add the fact that the laying of communication systems is greatly facilitated with voids during construction measures. To facilitate the passage to the communication system, you need to do not just a gasket, but lay the channels of the cable. They can be: like plastic corrugated pipes or like a box. Inside them, lay communication wire or cables.

Rules for transporting and storage of plates

The storage of this material is carried out by stacks in warehouses. Sorting is carried out according to brands and parties.

The material should be located strictly horizontally.

Stack height should not exceed a two -meter height.

The lining should be 5-10 cm thick.

These plates have high strength characteristics. Their production strictly observe the specified geometric parameters of the state standard. It is very easy to install reinforced concrete slabs, but since they have a significant weight, you need to use the crane. Walls placing plates should be connected by a concrete floor, to enhance them.