Advantages of glued timber houses

The high popularity of glued beams among customers entailed its widespread use in construction. Its first purpose was the manufacture of enclosing structures. Installation of a house from glued beams began in Western Europe no earlier than 25 years ago. The building symbolizes prestige, well -being and wealth. The wood of wood has its own energy and a pleasant smell of forest.

What is a good building is good?

The material worthy of attention was born in Finland in the eighties of the last century. The cost of such a house is much lower than brick and concrete structures due to the speed of construction: materials and work are performed easily if there is experience in this area. Heating the cottage is much easier and more economical than brick. Thermal conductivity of walls made of glued beam is five times lower than stone. Due to high fire resistance indicators, one of the options for applying this material – floors. Advantages of glued wooden products:

beautiful appearance;

Painting or varnishing is possible;

They hold heat well;

A super -resistant and expensive foundation is not required (mainly used a pillar type);

high degree of fire safety;

excellent air exchange;

relatively low price;

environmentally friendly material;

light weight of the entire extension;

low humidity;

Correctly mounted house gives a small shrinkage.

When building you need to use special impregnations and antiseptics. In the conclusion of construction and installation works, the owner of the house will paint the outer walls in a suitable color or leave the structure of a natural tree under the varnish. Saving financial resources is one of the main advantages of such structures.