Advantages and possibilities of stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are a type of finishing materials, which is a design of a canvas, which is attached to an aluminum or plastic profile. Such ceilings fit perfectly into the room with any interior, regardless of style. The canvas can be from a film of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or fabric. PVC film is sewn to the desired size, but the seams are practically not noticeable and very strong.

The canvas made of fabric makes it possible to create seamless stretch ceilings. The development of this direction, which appeared relatively recently, occurs at a very rapid pace due to the rapidly growing popularity of this type of decoration. The reason for this popularity is a number of advantages of stretch ceilings compared to other ceilings.

Due to the unique properties of materials that are used for the manufacture of paintings, it becomes possible to realize a variety of design solutions for interiors. You can create flawlessly smooth surfaces, voluminous structures, curved and convex joints of the interior elements (fusion of the ceiling with walls, arches, doorways).

Thanks to the use of drawings and photo printing, almost everything can be portrayed on the ceiling, from the cloud sky to the works of great artists. Using a stretch ceiling, it is quite possible to change the space and configuration of the room. Glossy films with a mirror effect help increase the height of the ceiling, and cold shades of suspended ceilings visually expand the space.

From the point of view of practicality, the stretch ceiling also has a number of advantages. These include: environmentally friendly materials used in production, which practically do not support combustions, durability, fast and simple installation, lack of condensate in wet rooms, as well as maximum simplicity in maintenance.

If you enter the phrase in the search engine: stretch ceilings Moscow, you can see a number of firms that are engaged in the production and installation of these finishing materials. This once again proves the widespread of this type of decoration of premises, the demand for which increases every year. And this is quite natural. The combination of practicality and unique aesthetic qualities of suspended ceilings has gained immense popularity among consumers.