Advantages and disadvantages of the frame house

The frame house is very warm, due to which heating costs are significantly reduced. If the gas line is located far from the house, do not connect to it.

For such a dwelling, there will be enough installation under the windows of convectors and creating comfort of the legs – film warm floor. Also, this structure has a light and strong design. The frame house is the lightest house. Thanks to its construction, the load that falls on the base will be minimal, as a result of which the cost of the foundation can be significantly reduced. To build such a building, you will need a little time. You can go through all the stages of construction only during the season. By the way, employees of the specialized company Karpatibudkas, which is presented on the site, carry out construction using frame technology. It is characterized by a balanced pricing policy.

However, the frame house also has minuses. It is a Termos home. If the installation of vapor barrier was performed correctly, then it is generally “not breathing”. Therefore, when preparing the construction of a frame house, it is necessary to design a competently ventilation system. Today there are many similar systems. The most suitable will be forced supply and exhaust ventilation, which has a recovery system, in which the incoming air is heated in the heat exchanger by means of the removed.

Steam is the main enemy of the frame. It contains moisture, which eventually gets into the structure, which is why its deformation may occur, as well as a fungus will appear.