Home construction

A variety of building materials for the construction of the house

Time does not stand still and in today’s market there are many building materials for building houses. However, despite the most severe competition, houses from a wooden beam do not lose their relevance and do not leave the list of leaders, to this day. A wooden country house is not only a beautiful, but also very useful for human health. After all, it is no secret that the tree is the most pure material from the point of view of ecology.

The main feature of this material can be called the ability of the tree to “breathe”. Substances secreted by wood have natural bactericidal properties. They contribute to the purification of air in the room and save it from many viruses and infections.

To date, glued beams are the most popular building materials for the construction of wooden houses. It is a lumber of at least 100×100 mm with dimensions. The advantages in timber construction are significantly greater than the disadvantages. Thanks to the butt joints, houses are assembled according to the principle of the designer, and the speed of construction of objects is amazingly high.

Modern processing methods significantly increase the service life of the material, so the house built from the timber will be able to accept not only your guests, but also friends of your great -grandchildren.

Another significant feature is the high moisture resistance of the beam, which in turn provides low thermal conductivity. Cracks will not appear on the walls of your house, and the room can be warmed up in the shortest possible time, but the main thing is to save not a small amount of funds on the installation of stoves or on the project of the heating system. You can settle in a wooden house immediately after the completion of construction work. But, unfortunately, with the interior will have to be held out. The shrinkage of the walls occurs at least a year, you can imagine that it happens with the interior decoration, because the shrinkage will be approximately 10%.

A decade ago, a wooden house building had a lot of shortcomings, this is mold, decay, and fire hazard. But in our progressive age, a lot of ways to protect the tree from all misfortunes, including from fire, have already been invented.

If you are tired of urban noise and from thin apartment walls of high -rise buildings, your choice is obvious. After all, a wooden country house will give you not only coziness and warmth, but also spiritual calm, and excellent health for many years.